Why is Travelers More Fun Loving than other People?

Ibn Battuta

Ibn BattutaTravelers love to fun more than other people. They like traveling to different places to experience amazing things. Their personalities are different as compared to other people in society. They like to talk to other people and enjoy events and concerts. They are extrovert, unlike other normal people. They travel to different places in the world because of they can do great things over there. They experience many activities and behaviors.

Why people travel?

They travel to spend their time for identifying nature. They want to look various things in their life. They love fun and joy. They like to travel due to some personality characteristics and specific behavior which is not found in other people. They travel to:

Challenge themselves

They want to go to different countries in the world because they challenge themselves for doing such a great thing. They need to do something for their satisfaction. They experience something different which is not experienced by other people. They want to identify natural elements in a particular place.

Enjoy new experience

They want to meet new people in their life. They can identify various culture in a society when they travel to a country. They familiar themselves with different languages, rules, and norms which are important for people of a specific society. All of these activities are for fun of them. They are extrovert and do something by coming out of their comfort zone. Introverts cannot do such great things and cannot talk to other people freely. While travelers can do it easily because traveling is their passion.

Find themselves

People cannot understand themselves by living in a place and not moving to another. They cannot find something distinguished from other people when they do not like to travel to different places. They do not experience people behavior and activities in this way. They can find themselves when they travel to different places to understand different things. They experience unique things by traveling to places. For example, they need to dress according to a certain place where they are traveling. They need to dress like other people do in that place. It is the way they find something unique in themselves. They can find themselves by practicing same things of people living in a particular region or place. They have to take care of themselves and handle different things such as transportation, eating and staying. All of these things help them to understand themselves.

Learn new languages

They need to talk to people when they travel to a place. Languages of countries vary. People from one country may use different language as compared to people from another country. So, travelers need to learn different languages to fulfill their passion for traveling. They need to talk to people in restaurants for ordering something to eat. They need to order in the official language of that country. They can learn many languages in this way.

So, travelers like Ibn Battuta are fun loving as compared to other people. It is because of the reason that they experience different things in those places.