The Second Edition of African IT Expo to Be Held September in Casablanca

Computer IT

Computer ITThe major IT exposition in Africa has arrived in its new version, and it is expected to kick on September 27, 2017.

The event is entitled, “Digital innovation at the service of organizations.” The 2nd edition of Africa IT Expo (AITEX) will be held at Casablanca’s Office of Fairs and Exhibitions. APEBI organizes this event dedicated to information technology, in participation with the Federation of Information Technology, Telecommunications and Offshoring of Morocco.

The major performers in the sector of Information Technology are the focus of AITEX. It is also an event dedicated to the interaction of servicers and the media, decision-makers, and professionals. AITEX is intended to set up a comprehensive stage for IT solutions and other services in Africa, and also to increase and push the growth of the IT sector and its high-end products on the central level.

It is said that the event is expected to host Cameroon and Nigeria will be the guests of honor. It is expected that there will be around 10,000 guests, 200 exhibitors and 40 professionals coming from the Middle East, Africa, and Europe will attend and participate in the discussions and exchange information in different programs which are influenced by several factors of the digital transformation.

According to Mohamed Dekkak, Chairman and Founder of Adgeco Group, the event will improve the standing of Morocco in the IT. The different IT groups and professionals who will attend the event in City of Casablanca can bring more business and investment opportunities. New IT solutions can also be formed from the discussion and interchange of technological expertise and knowledge.

The event is going to open to provide a networking stage for B2B summits to endorse South-to-South and North-to-South collaborations and offer a workspace to let businesses to introduce their products and services. The agenda of the event also consists of sessions, deliberations, interactions, employing advanced, best methods to exhibit the improvements and solutions in the industry of Information Technology.

With the purpose of utilizing the comprehensive digital network in the Kingdom of Morocco, the exhibition takes advantage of the assurance of numerous public organizations and expert unions, along with the APEBI. The said entities are the Maroc PME, CGEM, Maroc Export, Technopark of Casablanca and the Directors of Information Systems Association (AUSIM).

Digital development encourages all establishments to analyze their authority, as well their business paradigm, at the beginning of these changes which can affect both the industries in the future and the performance of the end users who are the primary actor in the said revolution.

Developments in the digital world produce configurations. It is considered to be a chief economic test for any associations who are aiming to enhance its operation and effectiveness on a national as well as on regional level. New opportunities and possibilities concerning job creation are significant for the industry to link businesses to these solutions that are in a continuous state of modernization.

The Kingdom of Morocco is strengthening its stand in the IT sector with its Digital Plan 2020. Morocco is on the move to achieve the digital prospect of the region. The strategy is concentrated on fast-tracking the digital revolution and reinforcing the position of Morocco as the catalyst in the provision of associate nations. The event highlights the subject that indicates a digital advancement which provides companies with numerous breakthroughs for growth covering the structuring projects.