It happens mostly that Fiverr feels miserable to drag the maximum of traffic we want for our gigs. So this brings us to the conclusion to do promotion for us by our own self. There are a lot of strategies you can choose from to do your promotion well. But few named here are really going to do your whole task.

At initial stages it seems hard to get a start with few favored reviews for your gig. For this you need to reach to your immediate network like Facebook friends, LinkedIn network. Sending them the fiverr affiliate link which give them free gig and to you a few bucks too.

Most important thing is to deliver the gigs and ask for feedback. Rating of course matters a lot but tips you get from there are of prior most importance and that is what should be your focus.


Twitter is a best source of gig promotion as it is a way to reach most of the people using hash tags. You can get relevant hash tags at You can include your gig image in your tweets, the URL to your gig. Tweet jukebox is a best tool to pre-load up to 300 tweets which allows you to re-post them at intervals. Single tweet can be ignored but recurring posts surely get better results.

Twitter helps in promoting your not only posts but also your gigs directly. Posts must be consistent and relevant. You can schedule your posts by using Buffer. Tweet every now and then promoting your Fiverr gig. This does not mean you stay stuck with self-promotion mere. You can also buy twitter followers so they become your prospective gig buyers.

If it happens people mostly unfollow you without giving it a second thought as things coming in bulks every time in the same manner about definite subject let you go crazy over it. So it must be kept in mind.


Facebook groups allow you to promote your Fiverr gig. But using the gig promotion’ groups is not an attractive thing as there are the risks of spam. There are the people who need your services. Search for them so that you can be a benefit to them. Join their groups they are affiliated to.

If you provide services that are helpful for writing purposes and that can help writers, try reaching the groups that are related to most of the writers.

You know there are sort of groups related to every profession and field on Facebook. Relevant groups do their jobs only when you are spam free to them also so long as you are in touch to them. So you need to keep in touch by commenting on the posts often.

Creating content around your service and writing the blog posts related to it also helps in promoting your fiverr gigs. But if you can’t find enough time to create content then all you need to do is to just search for the interesting articles related to your services and then post them.